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11 April 2010 @ 10:34 am
So.  I am still recovering from last night.  Who knew space enthusiasts knew how to party to so hard?  

On Friday Kat told me about Yuri's Night and asked me if I had any interest in going.  Her company was one of the sponsors, so she was able to get me in for free, yay!  So I canceled my raid (I decided to go hang out with nerds irl rather than on line, moving on up in the world! :D) and asked Larissa if she wanted to tag along.  Kat had never been before and I had never even heard of it until one day ago, so none of us really knew quite what to expect.  

Man, talk about fun!!  To start, when we got off the shuttle we were greeted by a line of Star Wars characters on either side.  I'm not even a huge Star Wars fan, I've seen all of them once but that's it.  The costumes were amazing though!  We had our picture taken with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper before we even got into the building.  There was so much to check out once we got inside.  There were a few booths set up, and lots of hands on activities you could do.  I downloaded a simulated image of  a hurricane which was a lot of fun.  We had our picture taken in astronaut suits.  There was a little R2-D2 roaming around that was TOTALLY realistic.  He came up to me and just started beeping, it was hilarious!  They had a dance party going on in a tent, and outside they had telescopes set up.  I got to see Saturn and Mercury :D  Just tons of stuff happening at once, we were there for four hours and didn't even realize it.

My favorite part I think was the Science on a Sphere session.  There was an astrophysicist named Michelle Thaller who presented it...she was amazing!!!  You could just tell she LOVED her job.  She gave such a wonderful talk on the Solar System.  Basically there was a giant sphere in the center of the room that had images projected on it to look like any of the planets/moons/stars etc.  It was so cool!

And of course, I have to mention the costume contest!  I saw some good ones roaming around  throughout the night (although I was kind of surprised at the lack of Star Trek love :( ).  The best one imo was the Ambassador of Pluto costume, which won first place.  After the costume contest was over, they played "Are you smarter than a NASA Astronaut?" which was hilarious.  They asked Robert Crouch present day pop culture questions and they asked "the mere mortals" NASA questions.  Mr. Crouch was pretty hip for his age! 

All in all I am SO glad to have gone to Yuri's Night.  It was such an incredible event and I can't wait to go back next year!!
08 April 2010 @ 06:41 pm
 Ah yes, looks like it's time for my semi-annual LJ post.  I need to get better about that.

I've actually been meaning to update since I went to PAX, but that seems like eons ago now.  To sum things up quickly, it was totally worth driving up to Boston to see Wil Wheaton speak, even if I didn't get to meet him.  He had a great speech prepared, and I'm so glad I got to see it.  Hopefully some day I'll get to meet him!  Over all though, PAX left me feeling kind of sad tbh.  I was only there for one day, and by the time I left I felt so out of the loop.  WoW has consumed my life so much that I haven't really played any other game in 3 years now.  It made me realize how much I have missed out on...there is a lot of cool stuff going on right now that I have completely overlooked.  *shakes fist at blizz*  I am happy to report that improvements have been made since PAX though!  I have scaled way back on my WoW time and finally picked up Dragon Age again for the first time since it came out.  Behind, I know, but progress is progress, right? 

Second item on the agenda....Chris Moore.  To any one out there who has not yet read any of his books, why are you still reading this LJ entry?  Clearly you should be doing whatever it takes to get a hold of all one of his novels.  I always feel special when I'm reading any of his books in public because I can't keep myself from cracking up.  Anyway!  The third installment in his vamp series Bite Me just came out, (first and second being Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck).  He stopped at Politics and Prose last night as part of his book tour, and I literally spent the whole night laughing.  He is one of the wittiest people I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  I would try and relay some of the funnies to you all, but that would be impossible to do.  Gotta love how he starts the night off by telling us he doesn't read at readings, and only mentioned his new book for probably about 5 mins total.  Don't worry though, he made sure to refer back whenever he got on too much of a tangent.  It went something like "totally of topic" to "So it's a vampire book" to "totally off topic again".  I loved how easy going he was!  One thing I remember him saying was that only responsible people check their bank account.  He just checks the mail some times and gets excited that the money fairy showed up, lol.  Don't know why I am even bothering to try and recreate it, I can by no means do it justice!  Anyway, I brought my bible copy of Lamb and he signed it to me saying "Blessings!", and I got my picture taken with him.  Apparently he is working on a new book now about a 19th century French painter.  I CANNOT WAIT.  I'm sure it will be written in perfect fucking French.  

To anyone who is sad they missed out on Chris Moore last night, do not fret!  If you are interested, I might be able to send you the audio recording of it.  I love that Politics and Prose does that!   
 trinity3kim  showed this to me last night and I had to share...personally I think he's lucky he still got a hundred on the test!  XD  Hilarious, nonetheless.
30 October 2009 @ 10:23 pm
 Well it's official, Sherman Alexie is even more cool in person than he seems from interviews/writings etc.  Last night I ventured into D.C. to catch him on his War Dances tour, and it ranked as one of my favorite nights ever! (yeah I'm a loser, no need to point it out XD)

The reading didn't start until 7, but I left my house a little before 4 because DC driving stresses me out to no end, plus since he is a pretty popular author I wasn't sure how many people would be there.  As it turns out though, it's a pretty straight shot to the Politics and Prose bookstore, and traffic was all going in the opposite direction, so it took me less than an hour to get there.  It was fine though, gave me some time to finish Diary of a Wimpy Kid and start on Fire.  Plus I was able to snag a seat in the front row, which was awesome :D

The reading only lasted for about an hour just flew right by.  For anyone who does not know, Sherman Alexie is hysterical!  War Dances is just a compilation of short stories and poems, and he read only a few things out of there the whole night, but everything he talked about came back to the stories.  It was funny cause he kept going off on tangents, but he always managed to get back to his original point and I loved how he was able to just tie everything together.  I had such a blast listening to him!  

Afterwards everyone got in line for autographs, which actually didn't take long considering how many people were there.  I got both my books signed and a picture!!!  He was SO nice :D  Plus he told me he liked my Knights of Good shirt, and said something else about it but I was too busying freaking out I can't remember what it was.  The same thing happened to me when I met Cooley -- I had so many things in my head to say, but by the time I met him I drew a complete blank, and just stand there looking like an idiot, lol.  Anyway, he was totally awesome and seemed more than happy to take a pic with me, and that made my whole night!  Now all I need to do is buy the collector's edition of Part Time Indian when that comes out and track Sherman down again sometime in the future XD

Politics and Prose apparently records all of their author visits, so I am going back next week to pick up my copy of it.  What a great experience!  Aside from the $8 I spent on the recording (which is completely optional), it was a totally free event.  I think it's great that P&P does that!  I checked out their calendar, and it seems like it's a pretty regular thing for them too.  

Anyway I had a blast, and there is so much I'm leaving out, but a) I'm terrible at remembering details, and b) it's so late and all I can think about is sleep.  

02 August 2009 @ 12:07 pm
 Wow, talk about an amazing show.  I have never experienced a concert of that magnitude before, and it was just incredible.  Aside from the drunken idiots all around (can you really expect anything else though?), I was pretty happy with our seats.  There were two GIANT screens on either side of the stage, so I really don't think it mattered where you were sitting, everyone had a pretty good view.  

Set list can be found here.  I was so impressed with Paul last night.  Even at 67, the man still knows how to put on a fantastic show.  He did a tribute to Jimi, John, George and Linda.  He did John and Linda's tribute one after the other, and afterwards said it was time to lift the mood from near suicidal, haha.  I think the set list was great.  It was a good mix of everything, IMO; Beatles, Wings, and some of his new stuff too.  One thing I didn't realize was that Blackbird (one of my fav Beatle songs) was written as a response to all of the civil rights issues in the 60's.  I love learning things like that about songs during concerts.  

Best part of the night:  Live and Let Die, no question.  That song is awesome enough on it's own, but when you add the live performance with fireworks into the mix, it's off the charts.  I have no words, you'll just have to watch the video I took of it, which can be found here.  I'm so glad I had a better camera this time around.  It was my fist time using the video function though, and I didn't realize that everytime you zoom in/out the sound cuts out.  Live and learn I guess!

I wasn't too impressed with the tshirts they had there, so I ended up buying a lithograph, which I will take a pic of once I get a frame for it.  

Oh and orangerful , they had Beatles Rock Band playing on the screen behind Paul when he was doing his tribute to John!  

I don't really even know what else to say except that it was an incredible experience and I am SO glad I can finally say I have seen Paul McCartney live!  All of my pictures can be found here in my picasa album.  

Now bring on Steve Miller!

16 May 2009 @ 04:22 pm
This is unbelievable.  Some guy has this goal to get 62 characters to level 80 by Christmas (why some one needs 62 80's is truly beyond me). The whole first page or so of comments is just fanboys arguing back and forth about whether multi-boxing is considered cheating or not, but once you get past that they get more into the actual numbers of it all....the amount of money need both IRL and in game is just astounding.  Now I'm really curious to see if he can actually pull this thing off. 
16 May 2009 @ 12:11 am
 Wow, Sept. 21st was the last time I posted here?  I read my f-list almost every day, turns out I am just too lazy to post or comment on anything.

But on to the original point of my return! 

Tuesday night was the night my one dream came true...I finally got the chance to see Spinal Tap LIVE!  They are on the Unwigged & Unplugged tour right now, and as soon as I heard about it the first thing I did was go to Ticketmaster and buy the best seats available.  That was a little over two months ago, and I felt like it was never gonna get here.  IWell, it was TOTALLY worth the wait!

We were 10 rows from the stage, which is the closest I have ever been at a concert.  It was....the best night of my life.  They weren't in costume or anything, and all of the songs were acoustic.  I actually thought I would enjoy it more if they were 100% in character, but I think it turned out even better this way.  And although the tour is somewhat of an anniversary tour of This Is Spinal Tap (25 years), they also included pieces from A Mighty Wind and one song from Waiting For Guffman.  I am not really a huge fan of AMW, I remember watching it a while back and not being able to get into it.  It just wasn't as funny to me as Spinal Tap is because really...not much can compare.  And I think as a result of this, I had it in my head that I didn't really care much for the music from AMW either.  However, Tuesday night changed my mind, and I'm now waiting for the soundtrack through a Marina request.    

I love the chemistry of these three guys, they all play so well off each other.  After all these years they are all still great friends, and it worked really well for the show.  

As for my favorite part of the night....that would have to be Stonehenge.  I was waiting all night for this one, knowing they had to have something up their sleeve.  And they didn't disappoint - while there were no midgets this time, there were trolls dancing around a tiny Stonhenge on the screen behind them!  Everyone in the audience loved it, and I thought it was a clever way of paying homage to the original scene from the movie.

Basically, I did not want the night to end.  They had a quick Q&A right before the end of the show, which I thought was awesome of them.  They are so great to their fans!  Unfortunately my mom's camera wasn't charged and I had to take our ancient piece of crap camera with me instead.  As a result, I was only able to get one somewhat decent picture, which can be seen here.  But as trinity3kim pointed out, there are people all over flickr who took pictures for me, so if you want to see more, just do a search for unwigged unplugged!  

TL;DR Spinal Tap is the greatest band on earth and every concert I go to from this point on will pale in comparison!  I just hope they do this again!!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things, but my brain is fried from too much WoW.  

Also, to anyone who hasn't seen Star Trek yet, you have no excuse.  Go see it now!  

The Redskins game today was a ton of fun, but I was way more excited about the Dolphins game....


How embarrassing for the Patriots to lose today!  38-13, not even CLOSE!!!!

Victory is so sweet :)
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Okay, for those of you who haven't watched the first act of Dr. Horrible yet, go do it.  NOW! 

It's a good thing the second part is available Thursday!  I bought the season pass on iTunes, it is totally worth the $4.00.  

Why are you still reading this??  GO!
trinity3kim told me that she saw the first six minutes of Dark Knight on a BluRay movie (can't remember which one it was now).  Anyway, I looked it up, for those of you interested who haven't seen it yet, you can find it here!!  I think it looks awesome.  Can't wait for Friday!!!